• What's new in GFI LanGuard Version 12.1

    Released: February 21, 2017

    In the latest version of GFI LanGuard, some changes have been introduced to the way licence keys are handled in the product. GFI LanGuard will now make use of account based licence key management, instead of manual inputting of product keys. By logging in with your GFI Customer Account credentials through the product’s interface, you will be able to automatically import your licence keys without manual copy-pasting. In addition to that, when there are changes to the keys (such as increase/decrease of units, or upgraded keys) the product will sync these changes automatically.

    Via this update, we have also greatly improved product stability and product quality to ensure you get the smoothest experience when protecting and managing your network with GFI LanGuard. In addition to that, we have also included:

    • Sudo support for Linux scans. Enabling deeper control over scanning permissions by allowing admins to setup and use service accounts with sudo rights to conduct scans.
    • Post patch deployment reboot options. New post-deployment option to reboot devices only if a reboot is required by a particular patch. This additional option allows IT admins to choose between always rebooting a device, never rebooting a device, or only reboot the device if the patch requires a reboot.
    • Web Console access for multi-lingual accounts. Adding the ability for the Web central management console to be accessed (in English) for multilingual accounts.
    • Support for Windows Server 2016 Standard/DataCenter.

    If you have additional queries about these changes, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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