• What's new in GFI WebMonitor Version 10.1

    Released: May 23, 2017

    This new version of GFI WebMonitor brings the Microsoft TMG plugin into the Proxy codebase, providing full support of TMG environments. Additionally, with this version comes support for Windows Server 2016 along with a number of fixes, quality improvements, and security enhancements. The focus of this release was to create a single stable and secure code base to be able to bring future feature enhancements and improvements to our customers.

    Note: Windows Server 2003 and Microsoft ISA is no longer supported.

    Release Notes: Version 10.1 (build 20170516)

    New features and improvements:

    • NEW: Support for Microsoft Windows Server 2016
    • NEW: Support for TMG (installed as TMG plug-in)
    • NEW: Support for more secure TLS1.1/1.2 protocols within the GFI Proxy
    • NEW: SSL certificates created using more secure SHA-2 algorithm
    • NEW: Unified installer for X64 editions
    • NEW: More appropriate license expiring messages in the main console
    • NEW: Improved file handle management within the GFI Proxy
    • NEW: Improved error handling with differential updates
    • NEW: Improved WPAD server debug logging
    • NEW: Improved URL validations
    • NEW: Updated light categorization database
    • NEW: Updated application detection engine
    • NEW: Updated code with additional security checks / safe calls
    • NEW: Product binaries (DLLs) digitally signed


    • FIX: Eliminated possible memory leaks in Overview page
    • FIX: Safe Search not always working fix
    • FIX: Temporary access requests fixes
    • FIX: Proper management of downloaded files for AV scanning
    • FIX: Fixes for potential vulnerability on cross-site scripting
    • FIX: Using the same date / time format all over the user interface
    • FIX: Handling cases when network load balancers configured in loop with GFI Proxy
    • FIX: Transparent proxy fixes to properly handle SNI protocol information on HTTPS traffic
    • FIX: Transparent proxy - more optimized driver loading
    • FIX: Transparent proxy start fixes, including on non-English OS
    • FIX: Fixed URL validation errors in policies
    • FIX: UI Access control IP ranges parsing fixes
    • FIX: UI Access control fixes for Insights pages and reports
    • FIX: Miscellaneous product settings upgrade fixes
    • FIX: Fix on Bitdefender to properly scan all archives
    • FIX: FIX: Remote access policies fix on request access option
    • FIX: Regional google sites not working properly with HTTPS scanning enabled fixes
    • FIX: Custom administrator notification messages cannot be saved within policies
    • FIX: Date range fixes in Surf Time report
    • FIX: UI - long dropdown menu items fixes (eliminate overlapping issues)
    • FIX: UI - invalid license keys are not saved
    • FIX: Auto-update notification email fixes
    • FIX: Licensing toolbar overlapping on other UI elements fix
    • FIX: SQL database connection errors properly shown in UI
    • FIX: Troubleshooter fixes
    • FIX: Product uninstall confirmation fix
    • FIX: Insights dashboards UI fixes on Internet Explorer
    • FIX: Miscellaneous stability fixes on numerous modules

    If you have additional queries about these changes, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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