• GFI MailEssentials - Anti-Spam Edition - Subscription for 3 years including SpamRazer updates for 25 mailboxes

    GFI Software

  • HK$10,800.00

  • Description

    Features available in the Anti-Spam Editions (Server-based)

    • Powerful spam protection
    • Automatic whitelist management reduces false positives
    • Protect your users against the menace of phishing emails
    • SpamRazer™ anti-spam engine
    • Greylisting anti-spam technique
    • Bayesian filtering
    • DNS blocklist (DNSBL) checking
    • User-managed spam quarantine
    • Precise real-time dashboard
    • Web-based reporting
    • Advanced content filtering
    • Support for virtual environments
    • Detection of third-party VSAPI applications
    • Web-based user interface
    • Full Unicode support
    • Support installation on Exchange server or separate machine

    GFI MailEssentials earned the “VBSpam+ Award” for its spam catch rate of 99.79%.


    For detailed information please click here.

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