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    *** Support over 5,000 mailboxes per instance ***

    Archiving for productivity, management and Get the most from your company archive with GFI Archiver


    Competitive Advantages of GFI Archiver against other mail archiving/journaling solutions

    • All the archived files are indexed for quick searching and retrieval and accessible anywhere on any internet connected device.
    • GFI Archiver allows you to manage your archive better through Outlook Connector or IMAP. Users can rename and delete folders and also delete emails from the archive if they have the right permission level.
    • Full auditing features for larger organizations that use SQL + FS databases
    • Calendar archiving so users can manage and store important meeting information
    • GFI FaxMaker integration so that email-enabled fax messages are clearly flagged and easy to search and retrieve
    • Time zone support enables different offices in different timezones to use the same instance of GFI Archiver and view the time in the correct setting based on the timezone.
    • Support Email journaling while other solutions may store stub files in Exchange servers that cause
      • Potential single point of failure due to the changes to Exchange email systems
      • Stubbing can have quite an impact on Exchange server performance, particularly on Mailbox servers
      • Take time to backup Exchange servers with "stub files"
      • Occupy much more storage space in Exchange servers, and
      • Potential risks in email server migration
    • Work parallel with multiple Exchange servers
    • Support to import emails from Exchange mailboxes, PST files locally, PST files on the network
    • Better reliability - No changes to Exchange email systems, oppositely other email archiving solutions actually replace the meal with a link to their database – this can be a point of failure that could bring down entire email system
    • Allow installation of GFI Archiver on Exchange servers or a separate machine
    • Support Exchange 2003/2007/2010/2013/2016, Office 365 and Google Apps for business
    • Support SQL Express (for customers with daily mail flow less than 10,000) and SQL Server with auto database roll over management
    • Lower system requirements – start from 2GHz dual core processor and 1GB RAM dedicated to GFI MailArchiver


    Competitive Advantages of GFI Archiver against traditional backup products

    • Reduction of Microsoft Exchange email server load
    • Makes backing up Exchange faster and more efficient
    • Administrators can determine what rules to apply to Exchange mailboxes to keep size to a minimum
    • Reduces the dependency on distributed and unmanageable PST files which helps address email storage issues
    • Cuts up to 80% of storage costs by using single-instance and compression technology
    • Archiving emails into a searchable database almost in real-time
    • Full-text indexing of emails for fast and granular searches
    • Users can restore lost/deleted emails themselves using "one-click restore" technology
    • Export relevant emails and produce emails and their attachments to "original format" that reduces legal risks associated with locating emails and their attachments for eDiscovery
    • Allows you to leverage business intelligence through reports that help decision-makers make better-informed choices
    • Maintains a secure, read-only copy of every email



    • GFI Archiver new license include Software Maintenance.

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