• GFI XCAPI Basic Version & XCAPI-Fax T.38- and Softfax-Extension


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  • Description

    More effective communication with Voice over IP - for enterprises of any size

    Unified Communications via VoIP probably offers the greatest potential to make corporate communication in the information age faster, focused, clearly structured and, therefore, also more cost-effective.

    Landline or mobile phone calls, voicemail or instant messaging, e-mail, faxes, conference calls or process applications - everything is handled via the same user interface. On one side, this makes it possible to consistently manage all documents relating to a particular matter, and on the other side, to use the same database for all applications. 

    With Unified Communications, the company will work faster and cost-efficiently while being more customer-friendly at the same time.

    Fast and Smooth Migration with XCAPI

    Changing to IP technology normally requires extensive and therefore cost-intensive modification of existing applications. Not with XCAPI: The software offers a new possibility to change your previous system in a smooth process known as "soft migration":

    In order to use the functions of conventional ISDN adapters many applications use CAPI 2.0 for professional telecommunications. Therefore, CAPI 2.0 represents a standard for the interfacing between applications and hardware, but has been limited to ISDN so far. XCAPI also makes a CAPI interface available without requiring ISDN hardware. Instead, it implements a Voice over IP protocol stack compatible with H.323 and SIP. Thereby, XCAPI enables fast and simple migration from ISDN to VoIP ensuring excellent quality without requiring any modification to the existing application base.

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