• What’s new in Policy Patrol Email 9?

    Policy Patrol 9 now supports Microsoft Exchange Server 2013 along with a number of new features and improvements: 

    Support for Exchange 2013 and Windows 2012

    Policy Patrol 9 supports Microsoft Exchange Server 2013 and Windows Server 2012.

    Convert plain text emails to html

    All mobile phones send out emails in plain text format, which means that email signatures cannot contain any images or formatting for messages sent from mobile devices. With Policy Patrol 9, you can now convert those messages to html and ensure that all emails, even those sent in plain text and from mobile phones, include a professional html signature.

    Include sender’s avatar in email signature

    To personalize your email signature you can include the sender’s avatar (thumbnail photo) in the email signature. This does not require you to upload each employees’ picture to Active Directory. Instead, employees can upload their pictures to, so that Policy Patrol can automatically insert the picture for the employee into the email signature. Since many other programs also make use of gravatar, such as CRM systems, help desks and support systems, the employee will only need to upload their picture once instead of separately for each program.

    Include vCard as QR Code in email signature

    Policy Patrol 9 can insert the sender’s vCard in QR Code format. All the recipient needs to do is scan the QR Code with their mobile device and the sender’s contact details will be added to their contact list.

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