• GFI FaxMaker 2015 R2 released

    GFI Software maintains its commitment towards ensuring our solutions are compatible with the latest Microsoft platforms as well as investing towards increased stability across different environments. The release of the latest version of GFI FaxMaker does this and more.

    The new edition, which will be available for download on January 28, 2016 includes:

    • Support for various new Microsoft Platforms such as Microsoft Exchange 2016, Windows 10 Workstation and Office 2016.
    • Extended functionality for Office 365 sending mechanisms as needed by particular Office 365 plans.
    • Added lines usage and performance reports to allow the GFI FaxMaker Administrator to understand how their line usage is spread, if there are idle lines and possibly save on telco costs by reducing lines.
    • The web based GFI FaxMaker client now includes the GFI FaxMaker printer, allowing admins to be able to move away from the installable GFI FaxMaker client that is no longer being developed.

    This update includes also over 25 additional updates detailed below:

    • Added various fixes to the functionality of the Web Client to improve response and performance
    • The GFI FaxMaker Web Client now advises the user that the product is expiring / expired.
    • The Fax priority can now be set by defining the email priority
    • Various escalations that third party application that interact with the XMLAPI could create instabilities in operation of XMLAPI. We have handled the necessary improvements to solidify the API.
    • Introduced improvements to User Management calls to improve performance for setups with large number of users.
    • Plus a series of “Bug Fix” type issues listed below
      The following list of bugs and enhancements are all issues which have been reported by some customers or discovered through intensive internal testing, in various environment and do not affect all installs.
      • GFI FaxMaker Crash of servers
      • GFI FaxMaker re-dialing too quickly
      • ether FAX faxes that fail with ‘status result:d1’ are not picked up by GFI FaxMaker
      • No free lines errors with etherFAX
      • GFI FaxMaker fails to upload transmission reports onto Office 365 (TLS)
      • GFI FaxMaker – Mail flow stops after receive connector is installed by GFI FaxMaker
      • GFI FaxMaker – Amend from field of the transmission report
      • No fax document is attached to the transmission report when using NPQ2F
      • Sangoma drivers are still installed when ‘Sangoma’ flag is disabled
      • SMS is always routed to the default router
      • Low disk space notifications are currently set to 50/10mb and at 10mb the server.
      • Web Reporter – In he summary section of the generated report a new field ‘Failed faxes’ should be added
      • System Notifications: Notification sent when there is no cover page specified contains no subject
      • System Notifications: Notification sent when there is no billing code specified contains no subject.
      • WSAPI User properties; In GFI DS mode, the text in the password textbox should be changed.
      • Configuration Wizard – ‘Please enter an integer’ pop up is shown when selecting POP3 option and then selecting SMTP
      • Exchange Connectors: FaxMaker Installation is not handling scenarios where GFI FaxMaker connectors are already installed.
      • SMS WebClient – User needs to scroll down in order to view SMS message exceeding more than 2 lines
      • Web Client: When doing specific steps, the Coverpage option is set to ‘Off’ automatically
      • Email address not showing near the User name in windows such as ‘ Default Routers’ and ‘Receive All faxes’ tabs + others
      • Summary reports: Successful summary report does not contain the right subject
      • Summary Reports: Incorrect sender email is used for the notification.
      • Configuration > SMS Routing: Administrator is not able to add users unless these are SMS users
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