• GFI MailEssentials v20 released

    You asked, we delivered! GFI MailEssentials, our award winning anti-spam and email security solution keeps on getting better by enabling our existing users to achieve more by maximizing existing resources.

    The latest version of GFI MailEssentials will be publicly released on January 14, 2016, and will include these major advancements
    • Anti-spam multithreading enabling up to 5X improved email throughput
    Using a newly built multithreaded anti-spam engine, GFI MailEssentials now operates faster on computer systems that have multiple or multicore CPUs, or across a cluster of machines. Using this multithreaded approach, GFI MailEssentials processes up to X5 more emails without needing additional resources. This means you can process more volume on your existing infrastructure both for security and anti-spam processing needs.

    • 64-bit backend and action services processing
    64-bit support enables GFI MailEssentials to process higher email volume more efficiently. The services that would benefit the most from this change are the backend services, which handle both quarantine and reporting stores as well as Action Services service.

    • Remote Active Directory (AD) support
    Commonly needed in larger organizations with distributed mail server installations, GFI MailEssentials can now be installed on non-AD machines such as IIS SMTP or Edge servers leveraging Active Directory even though it is not locally available. This enables filtering profiles based on users as managed and configured in Active directory simplifying management and configuration understanding for our customers.

    • Information store scanning support for Exchange 2013 (and later) using Exchange Web Services
    This feature allows Microsoft Exchange 2013 (and later) users detect and clean up any malicious content within email sent internally or already located in your exchange information store leveraging modern technologies like Exchange Web Services.

    • Exchange 2016, Windows 10 and Office 2016 platform support
    GFI is committed to remain abreast with and support Microsoft’s latest technologies. Therefore, this release of GFI MailEssentials is shipping with full support for Exchange 2016, Windows 10 (client and server) as well as Office 2016.
    The above features further equip GFI MailEssentials to better cater for larger environments and MSPs who process large quantities of emails. Not only does the product scale to the volume of mail flow processed but does so seamlessly in the diverse environments it is deployed to.
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