• New GFI WebMonitor with Transparent Proxy Mode

    To provide additional value to existing customers and make it easier for new customers to get up and running with this product, we are introducing a new transparent proxy functionality in the latest version of GFI WebMonitor.

    Transparent mode streamlines the integration of GFI WebMonitor to your systems by removing the need to configure client machines to use a proxy. This means that when transparent mode is enabled, any device which is trying to access web content from your wired or wireless infrastructure is automatically passing through GFI WebMonitor. All without additional processes or tasks for the IT department or intervention on the device itself.

    This functionality makes GFI WebMonitor an excellent solution for companies offering public Wi-Fi access to employees and/or visitors, hotel guests, restaurants, schools and more.

    Additional product tweaks were also part of this release, making GFI WebMonitor even faster and more secure.

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